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Apollo Preliminary Drawings

The following images are some of the "concept art" used by North American Aviation to secure the contract from NASA to build the Apollo spacecraft.

Check out Scott Manley's video here.

3069-13B: Apollo Configuration

3069-31H: Command Module Configuration

3069-36E: Service Module - Equipment Installation

3069-37D: Layout Location of Display Panels Command Module

3069-39B: Apollo - Command Module Equipment Arrangement

3069-44: Apollo Command Module Landing Impact Bags

3069-45C: Apollo Air Locks Installation

3069-46A: Astronaut Typical for USAF 10 Percentile

3069-48C: Upper Compartment Equipment Install (Parachute Recovery System)

3069-49A: Apollo - Command Module Structure

3069-50A: Astronaut Eye Location

3069-52D: Display & Control Panels Command Module

3069-53A: Apollo Command Module Seat Outbd

3069-54D: Space Lab & Adapter

3069-55C: Apollo Launch Escape Tower Systems Installation

3069-56B: Apollo - Service Module Structure Assy

3069-57: Crew Seat & Observation Geometry

3069-60: Structure - Command Module Hatch and Seat Ejection Break Out Panel Provisions

3069-61: Apollo Command Module Mock-up - Work Station

3069-63: Apollo Command Module Inter-Module & G.S.E Connections

3069-65: Apollo Command Module Inter-Module & G.S.E Connections

3069-66A: Apollo - Command Module Periscope System

3069-68: Apollo Command Module Seat - Center

3069-69: 90 Percentile Astronaut

3069-70B: Apollo-Lunar Landing Module Vertical Landing

3069-71A: Apollo Command Module Seat Support System

3069-72B: Dish Antenna Installation (Serv. Mod.)

3069-73: Command Module Ablative Structure

3069-74: Bed Seat Support Structure - Command Module Hatch Area

3069-77B: Command Module - Configuration C For Parawing

3069-78: Upper Compartment Equipment Install (Parawing Recovery System)

3069-80: Apollo Parawing - 3 View

3069-90: Equipment Instal. Side Panels

3069-91: Outb'd Seat Support Frame Assy

3069-92: Center Seat Support Frame Assy

3069-93B: Command & Service Module Systems Block Diagram

3069-94: Apollo Hard Mock-up Electronic Module

3069-95: Apollo Outboard Seat Supports Head End

3069-96: Apollo Command Module Seat Footward Suspension (Mockup)

3069-97: Apollo Hard Mock-up Work Station Display Panels

3069-98: Apollo Command Module Center Seat Frame Head End Support (Mockup)

3069-101: Apollo Command Module Electrical Harness And Plubming Installations

3069-103: Apollo Environmental Control System Air Research MFG

3069-104: Astro - Sextant Mockup Apollo Command Module

3069-105: Apollo Command Module Seat Suspension Springing

3069-110: Apollo Command Module Seat Support System - Beam & Tension Strut Mounting Version

3069-111: Command Module Config #2 (Revised Seat Suspension)